Luiza adds to the Voice of OWCM

Dec / 08

Luiza adds to the Voice of OWCM

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Luiza Sales is a Brazilian singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro. She released her first album, “Breve Leveza” in 2012, produced by Dan Garcia – who had previously worked with artists like Rod Stewart, Al DiMeola and David Crosby. This workshop was conducted by One World College of Music in association with Global Music Institute.

When one walks into the room, one cannot miss the energy, excitement and the passion of Luiza Sales, the singer. In association with Global Music Institute, singers of all ages and types had the chance to interact with Luiza, who spent the evening sharing her mantras for great voice execution. 

The Basics

I usually try to talk about breath control and relaxation first, and then a little bit about phonation, resonance and articulation exercises”, said Luiza as she kick-started the workshop with a technique often ignored by singers – Breathing! From the correct breathing techniques to body stretches and efficient ways to warm up to addressing specific issues like gliding over register changes and addressing rhythmic components of singing, the workshop turned out to an extremely enriching experience for everyone.

The Feel

Luiza also addressed the rhythmic components of music during the workshop and discussed ways singers can improve their sense of rhythm. She said “Coming from a background of Brazilian music, which has a lot of rhythmic information happening all the time, I always had the chance to work with a repertoire that was rhythmically very rich. I suggest that first singers should try exploring new rhythms through the songs they chose to practice. So, try some Cuban music, Brazilian music, African music… it’s a nice way to challenge yourself to learn new rhythms. I also believe in listening to a lot of different music and when practicing, it’s important to be using your body to express the rhythm, not only your voice. Use body percussion, try to walk in the pulse of the song, clap the accents or some rhythmic pattern while singing a melody. It really helps!”

The Fun

By the end of the evening, Luiza and many students from OWCM broke into a great three-part harmony humming Brazilian tunes. Having fun with singing is the most important thing – Luiza’s apt words of wisdom connected with all present, as the intimate group applied basic techniques and the feel of rhythm to bring alive the fun of singing.

The Profession

Luiza had some great advice to share regarding her code of professionalism and her take on a career in music. She spoke about persistence, hard work, passion, and most importantly, the enjoyment in doing what you love. Luiza expressed, “One important thing I’ve learned from travelling to different countries to perform and meeting musicians from all over the world is: being a musician is not easy, no matter where you live. Having said that, I see that India is now starting to develop a strong scene of independent music, a country where there is already a great foundation Classical Music and the Bollywood Industry. I truly believe that hard work, professionalism and passion for music can take you to where you want to go, whether you choose to be a Bollywood music producer, or a Tabla player, or a Jazz musician. Whatever is the scene you want to fit in, always have your music well prepared, be on time, treat your colleagues with respect, have your portfolio well presented, have examples of your music in nice videos or tracks – and keep doing it. Results won’t come in a month or a year. Building a career in music is a lifetime job! Enjoy the ride!”

The Love

Describing her experience teaching at One World College of Music she said, “It was a very nice experience! It had the element that made me come twice to India to teach: the students are great! It’s always a pleasure to be in a classroom here in India and I feel lucky to always come across students who are really interested in learning and have a beautiful musicality!”

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