Neon Skies – The One World Fantasy

Dec / 07

Neon Skies – The One World Fantasy

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A band with multi-genre music, addressing human emotions through a fantasy genre, is curated by One World College of Music and is a creation of senior students of the space.

Neon Skies is a homegrown band of One World College of Music, conceptualized by Vikram Aditya Negi (guitar), Barun Sinha (bass), Kaushik Manikandan (drums), Kanu Gangahar (guitar) and is joined by Aditi Malhotra (vocals).

The birth of Neon Skies – Neon skies began as a set of originals, with funk, jazz and progressive rock elements to inspire their journey, as a specially curated show for Pianoman Jazz Club by One World College of Music. This set became such a unique project that the ensemble morphed into the band called Neon Skies too.

The Story of Music – This band is as brilliant, vast and colorful as their name promises, with a galaxy formed by various individual skill influences of the band’s members. It is an effort to seamlessly bring together various genres into a single eclectic entity. The band’s songs are expressions of thoughts and concepts communicated through a fantasy world in a no-limitations style that reflects in the non-conformity of their music.

Neon Skies have already had great reception at top venues in Delhi, including Pianoman Jazz Club, People and Co,

Neon Skies are presently excited to release their EP – The Holy Trinity, in which three songs describe the journey of three very special protagonists, each representing a specific human state of mind. One is a sailor on a mission to defeat his nemesis – a kraken like sea monster, while another battles his way through an intergalactic space war while the third protagonist is about a play-boy Casanova and his story, in a song aptly named Funkasaurus Rex ! These 3 protagonists meet in their fourth song, in a medieval setting and that completes the journey of these characters, in a face-off.

Kaushik Manikandan, the guitarist, expressed, “I’m one musician who works on various projects with various musicians, and this keeps me fresh and excited. One World College incubates students to realize a collective voice for their music. Think about it – a band named Neon Skies, with multi-genre music, speaking about human emotions through a fantasy genre and even finding success with that music, is only possible today only because of the space that OWCM is and I’m looking forward to more original music emerging from here!”

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