Music Business

Jan / 24

Music Business

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One World as a creative space aims to bridge the gap between imparting theoretical music knowledge and providing a map to deal with realities of the music industry. One such attempt was made through the introduction of the course – Music Business.  A lot of young musicians are puzzled about navigating their way making independent music. One world seeks to act as a catalyst in the growth journey of their senior students who aim to take music up professionally thus the course was structured keeping the senior students in mind and what specific things they wanted to take away from these classes. The course was designed in a way to provide an overview of various aspects of music business such as forming a team (managers, booking agents, publicists), understanding current landscape, touring, publishing,copyrights, branding and contract laws. “The class was structured in a very systematic way where every concept led to the next and thus helping students connect the dots within the industry.” says Srishti Das, a Berklee Valencia alumni who spearheaded the course.

The course saw mini-workshops being conducted on Publishing and copyright laws, as well as a lot of guest speakers from all walks of the music industry such an Anurag Tagat, journalist at The Rolling Stone Magazine; Valeria Glez, programmer at SXSW festival, Texas; Ritnika Nayan, prominent manager and founder of MGMH and Abhinav Agrawal, Anahad Foundation.

One of the senior students Dhruv Yadav says “It was an amazing experience and the knowledge I gained from the classes is something that would say is extremely useful for every artist who wants to thrive in the music world.” The students also had one-on-one sessions where the students worked on their individual projects.

Srishti’s advice to independent musicians is “dive into learning about it (music industry) before you decide to step into the world. Making your art for yourself is great, but be realistic. If you want to do it for a living, the competition is only getting worse. Make yourself stand out, prepare for the future, indulge in technology and keep growing!”

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