A Workshop with Alex Jonsson

Feb / 28

A Workshop with Alex Jonsson

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A Workshop with Alex Jonsson

Danish Jazz musician and composer, Alex Jonsson (electric guitar) along with his band Andreas Skamby on drums and Andrian Christensen on Bass joined us at One World College of Music for an interactive session before his performance at the Jazz India Circuit.


Performing for the first time in asia, Alex Jonsson and band compose in the field of Nordic Jazz. The term Nordic Jazz refers to jazz that originates from Scandinavia. Its soundscape can be identified by the spaciousness between notes.In the case of band drummer Andreas Skamby ,this feature of Nordic Jazz was especially prevalent as the drums were used to enhance the spaciousness and mood,and not to offer a steady rhythmic support for the bass and electric guitar.


The workshop began with two original performances,followed by a question -and-answer section and then a third performance which the band members deconstructed for the audience.


Alex spoke of how he composes his pieces.For one of the songs, Alex looped a long pattern (7-7-7-3) to experiment with melodies. On another occasion, he switched instruments and wrote out his melody on the piano. Afterwards, the band described the arrangement process in terms of electric guitar,bass and drums.


Alex Jonsson concluded the session with a final performance and shared with us the story behind all four pieces, many of which are titled after the places that have inspired him.


This article has been written by Anisha Uppal a full time study student at OWCM untill December 2017.

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