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It all started with a Dragon Ball Z notebook….
Hanita started writing lyrics when she was eleven years old. By the time she was thirteen she performed in front of an audience for the first time. It went terribly bad and she was booed off the stage. She was very upset and also very confused as she was sure that the voice in her head had sounded good; perhaps other people could not hear it.
She would come home from school and play music on her speakers and just sing along. Every morning her bathroom would become a private concert area where she could sing freely. She taught herself how to sing over time and after six months she performed in front of an audience again. This time it went well and she was praised by everyone. She was encouraged to continue singing and writing. After that she would sing in school assemblies and wherever she would get the chance. She was conscious of what she wrote as she felt that her lyrics were not good enough so she would only sing covers.
Even though she had no musical training she auditioned for inter-school competitions but she was not selected. Despite that she continued singing and believing in herself and her voice. She did not know how she would do it or what was required of her to sing professionally, but she was sure that this was what she wanted to do. Her parents thought that this was just a phase that she would grow out of and so did everyone else around her. Not knowing how to go about it her musical journey came to a standstill. She attended college in business studies (cbs) where she happened to audition with a cover of Rolling in the Deep by Adele for the music society. She received an overwhelming response by everyone which again helped boost her confidence.
She once again started auditioning for inter-college competitions and started improvising songs. By the end of her second year she started winning almost every competition. In that time she realized her focus had shifted to winning competitions and it was more competitive and less creative. Winning would help increase her confidence but she was just stuck in the circle of winning and losing. After that she wanted to study music but her parents again pushed her into doing MBA so she thought that she would do music after her MBA was finished as she was confused if she had the musical aptitude to pursue music professionally despite knowing that it was what she wanted to do. Nevertheless she ended up studying something that she wasn’t really interested in.
In contrast to what everyone was feeling Hanita was excited to have finished her masters as she was finally ready to pursue music and she wanted to focus on it; she even started to refuse job offers. This was when she came across One World College of Music. She had a conversation with the managemnt at One World where she told him that she wanted to work on her rhythm, harmony and other areas where she thought she required support. She felt that the college really understood where she was coming from and she straightaway joined One World as a full time student. She was not sure where this would lead to but studying in One World helped her to focus and to completely immerse herself in her own artistry as before that music had just been an escape for her from everything around her. She did not want music to be something that she hid behind when things got bad, she wanted music to be much more than that. At One World she got the chance to interact with other musicians like Amartya Ghosh.
Despite her new-found confidence and joining professional training at One World, Hanita had still not even considered releasing her own music. It wasn’t until Amartya from One World asked her that she thought about it, and then it seemed like a distant reality of 3-4 years. However Amartya made her realize that it didn’t need to be so far away and encouraged her to pursue it. Srishti,who had been teaching Hanita at oneworld for a while also pushed her to release her music. Having the confidence in her music, she reached out to Miti Adhikari on Facebook, and immediately got a response saying that he would like to produce her work. And now, just 1 short year after joining One World her first album is releasing later in 2018.
For Hanita, her passion and determination are what got her past many hurdles in her musical journey. Her love for music and making music are what drove her. But it wasn’t until she joined One World that she really started to focus on her music creation process, and at the same time dive deeper into listening to other’s music. She now has a more profound relationship with music and has realized that her dreams of releasing her own music can be a reality. The motivation and encouragement, as well as one-on-one attention from One World have been instrumental in her growth and success.

This article has been written by Radha Pathela; a student of Voice, Piano and Musicality. Herself an aspiring artist.

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