One world College of music has a campus that feels like home. The College is housed in an independent building that covers 4000 square feet of space and is available 24/7 to performers to practice, rehearse and record. It’s a place that you fall in love with, the second you step in. On the walls of the corridors you’ll see portraits and photographs of all the music that has echoed in the school. You’ll be greeted with splashes of colour on your way up the stairs with graffiti of artist and band names that inspired people to make their own music. You open the door to the teachers’ lounge where there’s always enough food and coffee for everyone. Another floor up, you’ll reach the terrace - the perfect place to unwind between lessons. For the musicians and voiceover artists the college offers a fully equipped recording studio patched over three floors to facilitate multi-instrument recording. For actors and live performers we have the Performance Room with seating for 40 people, fully equipped with an 8ft. by 16ft. size stage and lighting facilities operated through a 6-channel dimmer board. The Performance Room doubles up as studio space for rehearsal, content generation and collaboration. The facility has private practice rooms, a rehearsal studio, purpose-built instrument teaching rooms, ensemble and group activity rooms. All rooms are sound insulated and acoustically treated, to optimize the musical and auditory experience. The College is also equipped with musical instruments and sound-reinforcing equipment and a wealth of resource material for music and theatre students.