The music faculty covers a wide variety of musical styles, skill and subjects that include Instrument Studies, Composition and Songwriting, Music Appreciation, Ear Training and Ensemble training in virtually all contemporary styles, spanning folk, rock, popular music, jazz and Western Classical. The College is available to students to practice and rehearse as well as work on their assignments and performance and research projects.  At One World College of Music we have ensured students get a complete exposure to all aspects of performing music.

We have an efficient set of options for students who are considering studying music with us. All study programmes ensure that students have customised study plans and curricula that include instrument studies, Composition and Songwriting, Music Appreciation, Ear Training, Ensemble and Performance and more, across a variety of styles and genres.   

Students are provided with private instruction lessons and group activity and skills development lessons. Instrument lessons are provided in one-on-one class formats. Our Musicality, Ensemble, Skills Development and Study Courses are provided in group classes.

The Exposure and Performance Programmes are intended for beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts or advanced learners with time and/or budgetary constraints.

The Senior Study programme is meant for advanced learners, professionals, semi-professionals or even beginners who wish to make a committed and sustained effort to practise music. While this option is more time consuming than the Exposure and Performance programmes, it is structured such that school going and college students as well as working professionals can study music as a parallel interest.

1. Exposure Program

This 2-hours-per-week study programme is divided into a 40-minute Instrument Study Lesson for targeted technical instruction in a chosen instrument or voice; and an 80-minute Musicality session to develop all-round musical skills and abilities. 

2. Performance Program

With 4 hours a week of study, this program is divided into two 40-minute sessions: 1 technical instruction in instruments or voice & 1 focused Skill Development course (such as ear training or rhythm) and two 80-minute sessions: 1 Musicality & 1 Ensemble session.

3. Senior Study (Part Time)

This program for more committed students and those potentially considering a career in music is an 8-12 hour a week study programme. It is essentially the Performance Program combined with additional skills development modules, study courses, private mentoring, assignments and rehearsal/practice time.

4. Intensive Study  (Full Time)

The Full Time programme is intended for those students who have made a decision to pursue music as a career and are willing and able to dedicate themselves to a full time commitment. This involves 12-18 hours a week of teaching-led study and an equal or greater amount of time in self study and research, assignments and practice. Students have free run of the school, study courses of their choice, personal mentoring, rehearsal/practice time and can work with faculty towards their personal and professional musical goals.