Writers Anonymous

Writers anonymous is a platform we use at one world to share our written material in an atmosphere of complete safety and encouragement. Students can share their writing anonymously if they so wish. We have a lot of students who are constantly writing, not necessarily for a song or a script, but simply to express themselves. Writers Anonymous gives them the opportunity to gain different perspectives on their writing from others who participate in the session.

Theatre Lab

The Theatre lab is the performance wing of One World College of Music. It brings together dance,theatre,music,puppetry and various other forms of expression on the stage.The structure of the Theatre lab encompasses the following:


Classes- These are 80-minute group sessions.These classes set the foundation for students to explore the world of the performing arts.


Workshops- Workshops on specific skillls are periodically conducted by in-house as well as visiting faculty. Some recent workshops conducted at OWCM include Puppetry with Varun Narain,Anatomy of Movement with Charu Shankar, Creative Expression with Manvi Siddarth and a performance workshop by the Yuva Ekta foundation.


Performances- The core principle of the Theatre Lab is learning through doing.Keeping this in mind the platforms of Open Rehearsal and Writers Anonymous were created.Performances are staged by students almost every weekend where all the training and content generation finds expression. The Theatre Lab also stages performances bu faculty and visiting artistic,giving students a chance to get a hands on experience of performances in a professional setting.