Lessons unfold in song and play at this college

[The Times of India]

“This place is a cultural hub.” In a country where room for artistic diversions appears to be shrinking, it’s heartening to come across a space that is devoted to the performing arts. Three and a half years on from opening its doors, One World College of Music has, with an understated endeavour but unmissable enthusiasm, given those who love music and theatre — the apprentice, the hobbyist and the career artiste — a chance to pursue their passion full time.

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Music Education Options

[DNA Syndication]

Launched in April 2012, the Gurgaon-based, One World College of Music, provides an interactive and experiential learning and working environment. Director Nidhi Kothari, tells us, “the criteria to enrol is an enthusiasm for music. We allow senior students to interact with faculty to identify the right mentor/mentors and customise study programs within the framework of our courses and programs” The school covers various musical styles, including Classical Indian, Classical Western, jazz, blues, rock, folk and world music.

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Hope you’re taking notes. | Your guide to city’s best western music schools.

[Little Black Book]

Definitely look up One World if you’re a budding musician looking to hone your skill in a structured but enjoyable environment. One World offers styles of Classical Indian & Western, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk and World Music. It also makes itself available 24/7 to musicians looking to practice or record, and houses a fully equipped recording studio, somewhere in between private practice rooms, instrument teaching rooms and ensemble and group activity rooms. You may also get the chance to perform as part of their gigs across venues in the city.

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Top 15 schools to learn western music.

[So Delhi]

If you’re familiar with the local music scene you’d recognize half their faculty. Aman Singh and Chayan Adhikari from Advaita, Ipshita Roy from Big Bang Blues, Jayant Manchanda from Kitchensink, Takar Nabam from Guillotine pepper a staff of brilliant music educators. Add to this some fantastic infrastructure – fully equipped recording studios, a performance room with a capacity for 40 fully equipped with a stage, private practice rooms, all housed in a 3000 square feet ‘cultural hub’ in DLF Phase 4. Although a part of the general curriculum, one may take separate courses in song-writing, lyric-writing, music appreciation, jazz studies and other subjects. The school runs a theatre programme as well.

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