One World is dedicated to the betterment of the students who come here to learn and their active involvement is imperative to the school’s culture. We encourage our students to take this initiative for plays, shows and different performances and actively participate in the events we organise such as workshops, recitals, concerts and jam sessions. Our students come up with their own projects and open rehearsals. Our efforts are directed towards building a culture that nurtures free thought and expression that reaches beyond music and the arts.


Performances are an intrinsic part of the learning at One World. They help motivate students to practice their art so that it evolves and grows. By putting it out on stage, students are showcasing their ideas, creativity and forms of expression, showing the audience a small part of who they are and in the process building confidence.


Inhouse Concerts

One World encourages in house concerts for a multitude of reasons. Our students need to execute their ideas in the best way possible and be critiqued and appreciated. In order to do that, students have to be prepared and trained in the art of performing. We first work on cultivating their art internally so they are able to get to a point where they can deliver a remarkable performance and be appreciated by people outside the school. In house performances are also an important gauge of a student’s ability to move on to larger platforms. Once a student is ready, we focus on building their repertoire and expressing their individuality. This helps committed and hardworking students develop outstanding performances.


Open Rehearsals

The Open Rehearsal is an informal platform that allows students to showcase original content through music, theatre, dance and visual art. Open Rehearsals allows one to test out new ideas and techniques in performance and encourages collaborative work. Each performance is followed by an informal interaction between the performer and the audience. This gives the performer the opportunity to get constructive feedback. Open Rehearsals happen on Saturdays in the Performance Room at the college.



Stories of the world

Stories of the World is a monthly storytelling platform at One World College of Music. Every month, a theme is set, & stories from around the world are presented based on that theme. These sessions take place in front of an audience in the Performance Room and participants are encouraged to come up with novel ways of presenting their stories within a time limit. As a result, students learn to express themselves, present on stage and explore a wealth of tales, epics, fables, ballads and folklore from across the globe. Stories of the World is open for participation to all students of One World College of Music. The process of researching traditional stories & then working on different styles of presenting them is supervised by Anant Dayal.


Student Recitals

One World College of Music hosts Students’ Recitals at periodic intervals so that students taking individual classes can showcase their work. These are mostly instrument specific such as voice, guitar and piano but can also be a showcase of work done by groups, ensembles and students of other study courses.


College Production

At One World, students are given the encouragement and freedom to take up projects, including creating musicals, enacting plays and conducting workshops. Many of our college productions are student initiatives. These productions provide a platform for students and teachers to come together, learn different skills and make new friends in the process.Here is a link to Quest for Magic – A musical production we worked in July 2016.