“Stories are the sharing of collective human experience. They carry with them magic, adventure, wisdom & memories”

Stories of the World is a monthly storytelling platform at One World College of Music. Every month, a theme is set, & stories from around the world are presented based on that theme. These sessions take place in front of an audience in the Performance Room, & participants are encouraged to come up with novel ways of presenting their stories within a set time limit.

As a result, students get a chance to evolve their own performance style & gain the confidence of being able to articulate effectively on a public platform. In addition, along with their audience, they get to explore a wealth of tales, epics, fables, ballads & folklore from across the globe.

Stories of the World is open for participation to all students of One World College of Music. The process of researching traditional stories & then working on different styles of presenting them is supervised by the Theatre Lab.


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