Musical Theatre Workshop

Enter the realm of make-believe as we, at One world college of music, bring theatre and music in our musical workshop for students above the age of 12 . Here the students will learn about what goes on behind the scenes to pull off musical melodramas from basics of stage design, to crafting motifs and learn different nuances of storytelling that it entails. Push your creative limits by taking an old fairytale and reinventing it or write your own story from scratch. This summer workshop is a definite look-out for all day-dreamers and storytellers.

Blues Performance Workshop

The mother of most contemporary music genres, Blues originated from the enslavement of African Americans, voicing out their pain and suffering through music. With its roots in African heritage, Blues as a music genre traditionally incorporated spiritual and work songs.  Over the years in changed in character becoming one of the widely performed genres in the world, which eventually created a way for RnB, Soul, Rock n Roll and other contemporary genres of music. Growing out of its traditional folk sound to a more polished modern sound, it is now accepted as one of the core elements of nearly all contemporary genres, and taught in music schools and performed in one form or other by musicians across the world.

This workshop focuses on studying the Blues in brief starting with the origin and history of Blues to its current avatar in the current music context. The sessions focus on the history of Blues and its evolution, studying and understanding the sub genres of Blues, identifying a typical 12 bar blues pattern and the ability to play over a standard blues head and improvise. In addition the workshop also discusses some of the known blues artists and their interpretation of common Blues standards. It is a comprehensive workshop with interactive sessions and question answer forums.