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    It all started with being a full time parent and sharing the enchantment and fascination of the world my children were discovering. It was a world of self expression, a world that nurtured the soul and embraced the heart. Amidst their myriad ballet, music, drumming and theatre lessons, I saw my children blossom and feel empowered with a new energy and confidence. But soon I sensed that most of the facilities for art education were slaves to commercial intent, and somewhere the true essence of studying art was getting lost. An idea resonated within me and I became enthralled with the yearning to delve deeper, and to build on providing opportunities towards the interests of my children, and the many others who could be aspiring for the same. My encounter with Adhiraj who I had approached for Drum lessons for my daughter was the missing piece to my puzzle. We found an instant connect and the rest, like they say, is history.


    Tushar Kothari, my husband, and an entrepreneur of 30 years gave me the vital support and guidance I needed to realize my dream and share it with the community. After several months of research and painstaking planning we had our music Institute- a perfect and harmonious blend of all that makes learning possible, the right infrastructure, dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students. But as we all know integral to the world of arts are certain elements that can impact learning… elements that we at One World College of Music spend many painstaking hours striving to achieve..


    For me, the past 5 years have been a most fulfilling and rewarding experience. In the words of ABBA, ‘I had a dream, a song to sing’
    And the dream continues to be fulfilled….and the journey continues.