Claudia Ruegg is an advisor, mentor & visiting faculty. She was born in Zürich and studied piano with Hadassa Schwimmer, Werner Bärtschi und Erna Ronca, and received a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy as well as a Master of Arts in Music Performance. She completed her studies of Literature-Art-Media at University of Konstanz with overall grade “excellent“. Claudia teaches music at the University of Teacher Education Thurgau (PHTG) and works as a pianist. She has been a soloist and chamber musician performing in concerts across Europe and North America. She regularly plays concerts in Europe in renowned venues for contemporary music. Many of her concerts were broadcasted by Swiss Radio DRS 2 and Deutschlandfunk.

Rüegg works as an interpreter often in an interdisciplinary context together with artists, dancers and film makers (Compagnie Drift, DVD ohraugohr and others). She also composes and arranges music for collaborations with dancers, actors and visual artists. Claudia is the chairwoman of the Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau (Foundation for the Arts, Thurgau). She lives in Zürich.