Jasmin, born in Ingolstadt in the south of Germany, took her first Cello class at the age of 6. Soon she started to study in the talent support classes under guidance of Prof. Eldar Issakadze. After her Abitur (german university entrance diploma) with Music as the major field of study, she pursued a career as a paediatric nurse.
After working for a couple of years, she decided to study professional music at the Leopold Mozart Zentrum (University of Augsburg). Hartmut Troendle, an awarded cellist, specialist in chamber music, became her professor and mentor for several years. She also studied Piano as her second instrument and Elementary Music Pedagogy. Today, she holds a Bachelor of music in Violoncello and in Elementary Music Pedagogy. With this background of medicine and music, she has developed special interest and knowledge in music therapy, which was also the topic of her thesis.
She is performing with Orchestras, Ensembles, solo and also with Bands, Guitarists and Pianists. Since 2009 she is teaching Cello and Elementary Music courses. She was a teacher at the Music school of Ingolstadt and Pfaffenhofen before she came to India where she is now living with her husband.