Ritwik De is a musician/producer from New Delhi.

He has been a part of the indie music scene in Delhi for the past 8 years and plays for indie/psychedelic band MindFlew and Electronica Outfit titled Tankbund along with other band such as The Yellow Bucket, Zokova, Emperor Minge, Tritha Electric and Caesers of the Green and Politik (the coldplay tribute band)

Ritwik has been trained in western classical guitar and piano under the Trinity College of Music and also draws an inclination to Indian Classical music. He completed his Grade 7 in Classical guitar in 2011.

He is heavily inclined towards sound and production, as a result of which he established his home studio setup titled ‘Ghar Ka Studios’ He has recorded 4 albums, background scores for feature films and documentaries, and the studio also has been used for voice overs for plays and and jingles He also founded an independent label titled ‘Ghar ka Records’ which
hopes to create a conducive environment for the exchange of music and also bring out interesting independent artists to the ears of the listeners online and a crowdfunded festival called ‘The DIY Day’ to celebrate independent art and thinking.

He was nominated in the best keyboardist category at the JD Rock Awards 2014 for his work in Tankbund’s Debut album titled ‘tankbund’ and has performed with artists such as Sivamani and is currently working on a few albums and ‘Birdie Num Num : The Play’. He’s also been a part of Crescendo the Western Music Society of Venky.