Sherry Mathews ( Vocals ) – Having started off with Western Classical and Broadway at the age of 8, Sherry Mathews went on to perform at various platforms in and around India. He has been part of Artistes Unlimited since it’s initiation and has sung back up vocals for Delhi based bands Advaita and Them Clones to name a few. He recently completed his Diploma in Music Performance from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and has performed with International artistes such as Tom Brislin (Meat Loaf, Yes, Spiraling), Raphaelle Brochet and Steve Zerlin. He currently is the lead vocalist for Cobbled Street, a Jazz-Funk band,The Doppler Effect, a Progressive Rock band, The Boogie Clan, primarily a dance band and L for Vendetta. Beside these 2 bands he also is apart of TribU2, a tribute band to U2.  He completed his Diploma in Music Performance from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and was appointed as the Vocal Teaching Assistant for the Spring 2014 semester. He currently has been hired as the vocal coach for Blue Notes School of Music Arts.