Tim De Cotta

Jan / 24

Tim De Cotta

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Tim De Cotta is a vocalist, bassist, songwriter and producer who believes in keeping his art pure. Styled in R&B and hip hop, De Cotta draws influences from artists such as Maxwell, John Legend, Common and Mos Def while styling his bass-playing after the likes of Derrick Hodge and Stuart Zender. Having played with various bands, he constantly gets his hands dirty in musical diversity, pushing the boundaries in writing and production.

He conducted a workshop at One world College of Music to guide us through his songwriting process and share his songs and experiences with us. The 31 year old songwriter shared how he’d been hustling for years while nurturing his craft at the same time was here guiding other musicians who are chasing the same dream. Sharing his experiences with the music he creates with The Warriors, he said being a warrior to him meant fighting the need to conform or please anyone other than yourself, ultimately being true to yourself. Collaborations according to De Cotta should always spur out of connection and mutual respect, and because of that connection and understanding, he’s been playing with his band members for more than 6-7 years

He picked up the bass and enjoys composing on it as it gave him the most freedom. With a bass he feels he doesn’t need to worry about chord shapes, he could compose melodies on top of melodies and just freely find his way into a song. A lot of the students who attended the workshop were fascinated by the vox-bass combo which was pretty rare for singer-songwriters.

Sharing a lot of his compositions with us, Tim said his aim with writing his album was to trigger something in people. And he found that could only be possible if he allowed himself to vulnerable. Borrowing elements from his experience as spoken word poet he wrote about his insomnia during a time he wasn’t sleeping. With another song “Seasons”, he poetically put it together to talk about adapting to change and how we’re very resilient, and how everything will be alright at the end of the day. All his songs were from different points of his life over the years in his journey to mind himself musically. He described how his arrangements move around the lyrics and how certain soundscapes accentuate certain feelings. De Cotta closed the workshop with an open jam session, encouraging students to lend their energies to create music together.

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