Anahita Dawar

Jul / 18

Anahita Dawar

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My association with One World College of Music traces back to 2012 when I was in 12th Grade and a student in the tuition centre right next to One World. I remember sitting through my Chemistry and Physics tuitions and looking out of the window and paying more attention to the tunes I heard, rather than the formulae my teacher scribbled on the board. Though it took me two years to enter the school, ‘One World’ remained on my list of things to do in Gurgaon. I joined the college as a Voice student because I was in awe of one of the Voice Faculty at the school. This person was Vasundhara Vee. In my ambition to learn singing from Vasundhara, I joined OWCM and became part of the choir class called ‘Harmony Lab’. Much to my surprise and utter astonishment, I realized that One World was more than that for me. When I joined OWCM, I was a shy teenager and I was introduced to an entire new world of musical possibilities at this school. Slowly, I became a part of the Theatre Lab and began participating in all school-related activities and workshops. At this place, I got to interact with some of the most talented people in the music circuit and got endless opportunities to learn and explore the voice as an instrument. I got a chance to be part of the Rhythm Lab, Songwriting Class, Ensemble Class, Ear Training and private lessons with the Piano and Voice faculty. It has been four years since and I feel a tremendous change in myself as a person, all thanks to One World and all the brilliant people I interacted with.
OWCM has been like a home to me for the past four years. From writing songs in the Voice Room to making props for an Open Rehearsal in the Performance Room to simply sipping tea while reading poetry on a rainy day, I feel like it has harbored and encouraged all kinds of emotions and music. It has made space for everyone with a desire to learn and grow. The environment has always been encouraging and lush, always brimming with life and laughter. The credit for all this growth goes to the entire OWCM family – everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. This place was also the place where I rehearsed and sang with the first ever band that invited me sing with them – Blue Breakfast. Not only that but it was also where I met my friend, Vignesh, who is Guitar Faculty at the college and together we started ‘The Marionettes’. What started as a duo and is now a trio is all because of the space and encouragement we got from the school. Now when I think of OWCM and visit it, I always leave with a smile, the hangover of pleasant memories and a heart full of grattitude.

This article has been written by Anahita Dawar; a student of senior study programs at One World. She pursues a carrier in creative arts and is the lead singer in the band The Marionettes.

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