The core of our programs stems from providing students with a personalised and enjoyable learning methodology – that encourages students of all skill levels to perform. It’s a safe creative space for a ‘first time’ hobby enthusiast and for a music aficionado alike. The personalised attention ensures each student grows at their own pace and embarks on their own journey in learning.


One World is dedicated to the betterment of the students who come here to learn and their active involvement is imperative to the school’s culture. We encourage our students to take this initiative for plays, shows and different performances and actively participate in the events we organise such as workshops, recitals, concerts and jam sessions. Our students come up with their own projects and open rehearsals. Our efforts are directed towards building a culture that nurtures free thought and expression that reaches beyond music and the arts.



The faculty of One World College of Music are a mix of performing musicians, senior ex-students and academicians, coming together to build a customised and attentive experience for our students. They reflect the college’s culture, focusing on the all-round development of musicians under our care.


One world College of music has a campus that feels like home. The College is housed in an independent building that covers 4000 square feet of space and is available 24/7 to performers to practice, rehearse and record. It’s a place that you fall in love with, the second you step in. 

Mona Bhatia
“My daughter Shefali has been at one world for almost two years now. Before joining one world she went through 2 music schools and 4 teachers. There was always a mismatch in wavelength. Either she was pushed to take exams or had no freedom in choosing the music she wanted to explore. Also, there was one small performance in a year. In One world she has blossomed. She gets to interact with different musicians, the teachers are perfect mentors. They are friendly, understanding, guiding her to explore all aspects from composition to production. The opportunities to perform are enormous. She has something going on every few months. One world is like a big family. Our only regret is that we didn't find the school earlier..” - Mona Bhatia
Sameer Mishra
“Our journey with your institution has been really inspiring so far. My son enjoyed music even earlier but he is getting more confident now. Under guidance of your able faculty and a joyful atmosphere provided by your institute, we thank you for nurturing his music interests Thank you for valuing our feedback. ” - Sameer Mishra
“my son has been associated with one school of music for the last 2 years. it is more than a school... it is a passion. specially the teachers who are so talented that they make music seem easy. it is very rare to see teachers be as or more passionate about their students as the students themselves. as a parent i have enjoyed waiting for my son to finish his class and shamelessly eavesdroped on the conversations flowing around ranging from guitar scales to types of pianos to Picasso....and been amazed with my son's progress in his drumming.... In short... if you want to learn music while enjoying it to the fullest.... this is the place to be " Wishing one school of music the very best cheers” - Saswati
Ruchi Mahajan
“OWCM is not your regular, commercial music school that produces assembly line musicians by the dozens. This is an authentic, energized space for students to explore and hone their skills in music. They have a great set of teachers, who are passionate about their craft and are also very supportive and approachable. Their music rooms are well-equipped and professionally designed. There's an easy, relaxed vibe about this place that naturally draws you in. I see my son growing in confidence in his music abilities over the last couple years that he's been here. Above all, this place has constantly nourished him as an individual; encouraging him to find his own style at a pace that's comfortable to him. I would recommend this college to anyone who looks at music as a life-force to tap into and not just another degree to accomplish.” - Ruchi Mahajan
Shumita Sharma
My son and I have been fans of One World from the day we started there more than two years ago. It combines fun with learning in a cool, casual environment that still pushes you out of your comfort zone to keep getting the best out of you. I have recommended the school to many friends by word of mouth, and have heard only good things about it from others. We are so lucky to have found this haven for music! - Shumita Sharma
Aadya Jaswal
While Education is doing its bit; a supportive community is what we have at One World that helps you learn and keep growing not only as an artist but as a person. - Aadya Jaswal
Vandana Aggarwal
My son, Avi, has been learning Vocals at the One World College of Music for the past couple of years and we are very happy with the experience. The teachers at OWCM have thorough subject expertise and experience. The students are engaged with music very interestingly and they get to learn in a very positive and relaxed space. It is heartening to see them encourage kids to experiment - Avi has also been given the space, figuratively & literally, to jam/practice / experiment / learn, beyond class timings. Wishing OWCM all the success! - Vandana Aggarwal
Barun Sinha
One World College of Music has an atmosphere of comfort, and an inviting and nurturing environment. In the four years, now close to five, I have been involved with them - first as a student and then as a teacher - it has allowed me to grow as a professional musician and also as an individual, with the support and friendship I have received by everyone here. From learning, finding future band mates, getting my ideas out, to putting up shows for upcoming artists as well as students, the school encourages and promotes all activities - Barun Sinha
Nihar Manwatkar
The One World College of Music helped me fall in love for music, musicians and instruments all over again. The vibe, the peers, the faculty, artist collaborations all summed up to form a really productive learning environment. Over a short duration of time, not only was I left with a newly found energy to start writing new songs and perform as 'A Dog without a Bone', but also a new set of really cool friends and a new place that I can invariably call my second home. - Nihar Manwatkar
Udayan Mehra
One World has always provided a place for me and my music. Its teachers and students have helped me shape my love for music and playing my guitar. The eighty minutes in the ensemble or the forty minutes in the guitar class give me a sense of momentary respite. One world has always been more than an institute- it has been my escape from the world, from my work and sometimes from my problems. It is a place for learning, creating, and growing as musicians and artists. - Udayan Mehra